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The question “how to get acquainted with a Russian girl” is ambiguous. For someone it will seem easy, for someone complicated. We can be stopped by the fear of appearing stupid, ridiculous, being rejected… Nevertheless, everyone understands perfectly well that because of fear, the chance to find Russian love can be missed. So, “how do make friends with a girl?” – the answer for this question you’ll find at

First of all you need to choose the correct situation. The girl will not have time and desire to get acquainted with you when she runs to study or work. It is worth to get acquainted when the girl does not hurry and you have time to chat. The easiest way to start communication is on our dating site. When writing a message, you can pick up the tactics of properly conducting correspondence, show your originality. This is especially useful if in real life you are embarrassed to approach a girl and start a conversation. You can write a comment on the photo, express your opinion about her interests, give a virtual gift and, of course, make a compliment.

Meet beautiful Russian brides for free

Girl should feel the confidence from you. Take the initiative in your hands, be sure of your words and in any case do not mumble. Ask the girl’s opinion, so you will find common themes for conversation. Words must be sincere and go from the heart. Do not use learned phrases like: “Girl, does your mother need son-in-law?” Or “Girl, did you hurt yourself when you fell from heaven?”.

Don’t pretend to be someone else. All modern advice, self-study guides and pick-up trainers say one thing – it’s worth being yourself. The girl feels falseness, so do not pretend to be who you are not. Use your sense of humor and do not forget about compliments.

The first call. After acquaintance there is quite a relevant question – when to call her? Anytime, most importantly – not in a month. The first call can be made in the evening after meeting – to say good night and make an appointment. Do not be afraid of refusal – if the girl has given her number, then she likes you and you can start the conversation safely!

The first date. If you’ve met a girl on the Internet, then the first appointment should be appointed in about two weeks. During this time you will have time to learn her and understand whether it is worth transfer the communication into reality. If the acquaintance with the girl happened in real life, then the first date can be appointed, at any time, no later than two weeks. For the first meeting, it is worth choosing a place where there are no extraneous noises that make hearing difficult. In other words, do not lead her to the circuit or football. Ideal option – a park or a cafe.

Then offer her a few ideas for a second date. Lasertag, horse riding or boating – are great options for an active girl. If the girl makes it clear that the acquaintance is not included in the system of her priorities, it’s worth to bow out and not be upset at all – perhaps it’s just “not your” person. Every new acquaintance, even unsuccessful, is a new experience and emotion. How to get acquainted with a girl – just try it!

About Russian women
About Russian women

But what features do foreign men like about Russian women?

  • Men are strong sex, but this does not mean that they do not need someone’s support. If a man has shared something with woman, she should support him – be it an initiative, an idea or a dismissal. If a man has a problem, or he decides to change his profession, Russian girl just support him, say that she believes in him. She shows her loved one that she’s not only girlfriend but also a person who will always support him.
  • Men love to be admired. If your man ties a bolt, which you asked to do a month ago, it’s not worth ironically laugh at him, it’s better say: “You are such a fine fellow!” – this will inspire confidence in a man. Russian girls make it clear that they are proud of their lover.
  • The main important criterion for men is a sense of humor. This does not mean that woman is obliged to entertain a man or joke all the time, the main thing that the couple should be “on the same wavelength.” Men highly appreciate the ability to look at problems with humor. Couples, which often laugh, have stronger and warmer relationship.
  • The fact that a man has found Russian woman does not mean that he should forget about his friends. Communication with friends is as important as love.