It is difficult to describe yourself in several words but I will try. If to tell about my character I am calm and kind woman, affectionate and sympathetic.

I think these are features real woman should possess. Actually I try to treat other people the way I wish them to treat me. I am dedicated to everything I do and I can say that I am very responsible person. I love children very much, and think children to be real blessing for us. Do not children raise all the best in us? With the help of this site I dream to find my love and to fill emptiness in my soul. I have plenty pf love and tenderness to give.

If to tell about my interests I like to draw. Well, my pictures are not professional but just amateurs ones but this brings me real pleasure as I can express myself in my pictures. Also I like reading of interesting books and like to learn something new. In fact I think that life is constant learning. Do not you agree? I adore nature and animals. I hope to meet reliable, affectionate and kind man who is courageous and romantic at the same time. I wish him to be purposeful person, serious and well-balanced. And of course he should love children and to be able to accept my son.